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Zombie FC Slot Review

Zombie FC Slot Review

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Zombie FC Slot Review
Zombie FC Slot Review

Think about the last time you played professional football. Depending on the stadium, you might be with 50,000 to 100,000 other people.

Remember what it feels like when the home team scores and all 100,000 fans stand up and cheer and shout.

Now imagine if all football players were zombies. If that’s the case, fans’ shouts might sound a little different.

Qora Games decided to take the idea and stick with it. The result is Zombie FC online slot machine. This horror-themed slot game has gory players, judges and fans. The reels were covered in blood and dirt.

The zombies on the field get a little over-excited whenever you hit the jackpot. They end up eating all winning symbols until more symbols land in their place.

This is just one of the exciting bonus features of Zombie FC slot game. Our Zombie FC slot review will tell you everything about the other features this game has to offer.

Zombie FC slot basics

Theme: Zombies, Football
Manufacturer: Qora Games
RTP : 95.86%
Reel/row: 5/3
Paylines: 243
Minimum bet: $0.50
Maximum bet: $100
Top Prize: 5,000 times the total stake
Jackpot: No
Volatility: Low
Mobile Compatible: Yes

Zombie FC slot is a standard 5×3 slot game with 243 paylines. This means that as long as a symbol lands on three adjacent reels, you can earn a bonus.

The bet amount is predetermined. You can choose from ten options between $0.50 and $100 per spin.

After choosing the amount to bet, you can start spinning the reels manually or use the autoplay feature.

Autoplay is one of the features we appreciated in our Zombie FC online slot review. We like how you can choose to stop autoplay once you reach your pre-determined max win or loss.

It can help you stick to your slot machine money strategy better.

Zombies FC slot symbols and payouts

All symbols on Zombie FC slot machine relate to zombies playing football. The high-paying symbols include five different zombie characters.

Two of the zombies are football players. Then you have zombie coaches and zombie referees, and then the only female zombie to represent the fans.

The low-paying symbols are all bloody zombie jerseys in numbers seven through ten.

Symbols and payouts for Zombie FC casino slot game.
Symbols and payouts for Zombie FC casino slot game.
Zombie FC casino slot game low symbols
Zombie FC casino slot game low symbols

Numbers are not much different from traditional playing card symbols. But we thank Qora Games for taking the time to revise the concept to make sense with the theme.

In addition to the basic symbols, there are bonus symbols in the Zombie FC online slot game. There are two wild symbols. These are represented by zombies and footballs in blue jerseys.

The football trophy with the brain on top is the Zombie FC slot scatter symbol.

Zombie FC casino slot game scatter
Zombie FC casino slot game scatter

Zombie FC SlotRank Calculation

SlotRank – is the rank of the game popularity in the specific market. We are calculating SlotRank based on the gathered data from the online casinos. Daily our crawling system scans thousands of casino sites. From each casino sites we are getting list of games, lobbies screenshot, and list of games in the lobby. Important parameter of games popularity is average games position in the casinos lobby. To calculate Average position in the casinos lobby (APL) for Zombie FC, we are using formula:

APL i = (0i + (520i – 0i) * 151 i) / 520i = 151


520 – quantity of valuable casinos with high weight in the Canada. (Each casino gets weight. Casino weight is relevant to estimation of Internet traffic)
0 – Summa of positions in the casinos lobby
0 – Quantity of casinos that put game into the lobby
151 – We put size of casino lobby as 150 games. 151 – means that game is not in the lobby.For the SlotRank calculation we are using SlotRank Value (SRV) parameter. SRV is sum of points that game gets for positions in the casinos lobby + points for presence in casinos + very minor value for game release date.

SRV i = 736.892i + (14.363 / 5000)i + ((0.1 * 18739)i / (5000 * 36500)i) = 0SlotRank – is position in the game list sorted by SlotRank Value. Points that Zombie FC gets for positioning in lobby:
736.892 = SUM ((151- Lobby Position)* CRV)
CRV (Casino Rank Value). CRV – is casino weight coefficient from 0.1 to 1 that gets each casino according to their traffic estimation.
Lobby Position – position in the casino lobby. We are measuring position for TOP 150 games. Highest position means that game placed on top left position in the casino lobby.
Maximum possible quantity of points gets game that top positions in casinos with higher CRV.

Play Zombie FC Slot Demo

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